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A multi-community multi-approach

Each automobile passionate belongs today to several sport automobile or automobile sport communities.

Our objective is to allow you to recreate your multi-community profile on a single platform. This way, you will be able to manage your events, friends and communications in your communities with one single profile.

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A secure platform that protects your communities

On iCoDrive platform, If you belong to a private and secure community on the iCoDrive platform, your information will only be visible to you and your friends and your profile will only appear in your community’s search engine.

The communities managers, who are also guarantors of good cohesion between members, will have to validate your membership request to any community.

A universe of information and exchange built around your passion

iCoDrive offers all its communities articles related to yesterday’s and today’s most beautiful supercars. News concerning saloons and events are regularly uploaded with the participation of our partner V12GT.

Furthermore, you have access to topics, articles, news of your communities that you can comment and share. The platform offers communication tools such as chat/mail allowing you to extend exchanges with your friends.

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In our website

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Where are the information about the Ice Driving ?

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Fun, automated and centralized applications

In a complex app environment, iCoDrive offers an ergonomic and fun solution. Entirely automated, our applications are user friendly. Our timing tool geo-localizes you on the circuit and automatically knows the finish line, sections and curves.

Once your session is over, your data is automatically sent to our community site, where it is ready for consultation. Our simplification strategy will be applied to all of our future developments.

Your events within reach

The iCoDrive platform gives an overview of your community events. Your calendar helps you manage your events, and alerts remind you of deadlines. You can also register yourself on our easy to use registration system, available on our site or mobile app.

Professional telemetry tools to measure your performance

All iCoDrive have access to a geo-localized automatic timing tool offering a precision never seen before in a Smartphone (precision < 0,2 sec of the official time).

Moreover, ChronoDrive offers data analytics that can help you improve your driving with vmin/vmax, official sections, curve studies ...

A constantly innovative mobile solution

iCoDrive iCoDrive offers innovative services capitalizing on the dynamism of the automobile industry. We believe communication with community managers is essential, as these exchanges will allow us to understand your needs.

We will use your feedback to add new and useful functionalities to our platform. New geo-localization services are under development and will be offered on the platform in 2014…

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Acting Partners

Partners animating the communities surround the iCoDrive. Our objective besides the platform is to propose offers and services relevant to your passion, life style and profile. Thus together with our partners, we organize events, create articles and media around the sports cars universe.

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A community platform just like you

iCoDrive is a white label community allowing you to gather your members in a universe that you can adapt to your image:

  • Security level for your universe
  • Privacy level for your members
  • Logo & Visuals
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An ergonomic & fun tool

The objective of the iCoDrive platform is to offer an easily accessible and user-friendly tool. Thus the platform will be offered with a Back Office tool allowing you to easily upload your content (news, articles, events…).

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A booster for your events

Improved event organization and planning:
  • - all your events appear in your community’s calendar
  • - multi-supported registration process, reminders and opt-outs
  • - You can managed your financial flows
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A dynamic and visionary approach

iCoDrive is a rich platform integrating all exchange functionalities that are essential to stimulate communication within your community. Since the beginning of its launch, iCoDrive also offers a major innovation, a very precise timing tool. Finally, innovations are planned for 2014.

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